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About Us

Your health is our #1 priority.

Panhandle Health District provides over 40 different public health programs to families, individuals and organizations in northern Idaho. From food and drinking water safety to health education and disease control, public health services are designed to ensure our community is a safe and healthy place to live, work and thrive.

You have at your service a PHD team that includes nurses, nutritionists, environmental health specialists, health educators and many other dedicated professionals with a common goal: deliver vital public health services to keep every member of our community well.

Panhandle Health District is one of seven health districts in the state of Idaho. In 1970, the Idaho Legislature recognized the value a formal public health structure would provide Idaho residents. That year, the Legislature created the health districts to ensure all Idahoans have access to local public health services (See Idaho Code, Title 39, Chapter 4). Panhandle Health District is locally controlled and governed by members of our community that advocate for what’s best in our community. County commissioners from Boundary, Bonner, Kootenai, Benewah and Shoshone counties appoint a Board of Health that governs the Health District’s policies based on the community’s unique needs.

Panhandle Health District supports its programs with funding from the state, counties it serves, fees, grants and contracts with federal and state agencies. Your health isn’t only important—it’s our number one focus.

We’re here to help.

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Board of Health

Current Board Members

Allen Banks, Ph.D.

Bonner County (At-Large)

Glen Bailey

Bonner County

Jessica Jameson, M.D., FASA

Marlow Thompson

Benewah County

Mike Fitzgerald

Shoshone County, County Commissioner

Richard McLandress, M.D.

Kootenai County

Tim Bertling

Boundary County, County Commissioner

Next Meeting Agenda, Board Minutes, & Public Notices

Meeting agendas are posted one week prior to Board meetings. Meeting minutes are posted once they are approved by the Board.

07-22-2021 Board of Health Minutes

09-30-2021 Board of Health Meeting Agenda

09-09-21 Special Board of Health Meeting Agenda

07-29-2021 Board of Health Special Meeting Agenda

05-27-2021 Board of Health Minutes

07-22-2021 Board of Health Agenda

04-22-2021 Board of Health Minutes

05-27-2021 Board of Health and Budget Committee Agenda

05-27-2021 Board of Health Agenda

RESCINDED 3/25/2021 01-28-2021 Order of the Board of Health: Face Coverings 

03-25-2021 Board of Health Minutes

04-22-2021 Board of Health Agenda

01-28-2021 Board of Health Minutes

03-25-2021 Board of Health Agenda

11-19-20 Board of Health Minutes

01-28-2021 Board of Health Agenda

10-22-2020 Board of Health Minutes

11-19-2020 AMENDED Board of Health Agenda (posted 11/16, 2:30pm)

11-19-2020 Legislative Agenda

09-24-2020 Board of Health Minutes

10-22-2020 Board of Health Agenda

08-27-2020 Board of Health Minutes

09-24-2020 Board of Health Agenda

07-23-2020 Board of Health Minutes

08-27-2020 Board of Health Agenda

07-17-2020 Board of Health Minutes

07-08-2020 Board of Health Minutes

05-28-2020 Board of Health Minutes

07-23-2020 Board of Health Agenda (amended 7/21/2020)

07-17-2020 Special Meeting Agenda

07-08-2020 Special Meeting Agenda

04-23-2020 Board of Health Minutes

05-28-2020 FY21 Budget Hearing

05-28-2020 Board of Health Agenda

03-26-2020 Board of Health Minutes

02-19-2020 Board of Health Minutes

04-23-2020 Board of Health Agenda

01-23-2020 Board of Health Minutes

03-26-2020 Board of Health Agenda

11-21-2019 Board of Health Minutes

02-19-2020 Special Meeting Agenda

January 23, 2020 Board of Health Agenda

09-26-2019 Board of Health Minutes

November 21, 2019 Board of Health Agenda

September 26, 2019 Board of Health Agenda

July 25, 2019 Board of Health Agenda

07-25-19 FY 20 Environmental Health Fees Notice

May 23, 2019 Board of Health minutes

April 25, 2019 Board of Health minutes

May 23, 2019 Board of Health Agenda

03-25-19 Board of Health Minutes

01-10-19 Board of Health Minutes

05-23-19 FY 20 Budget Notice

05-23-19 FY 20 Budget Hearing agenda

04-25-19 Board of Health Revised Agenda

03-28-19 Board of Health Agenda

1.10.19 agenda

FY 19 Budget Hearing Public Notice

Idaho Association of District Boards of Health Meeting Information

Idaho Public Health Districts – Trustees

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Trustee and Executive Council meets every Friday at 9 AM through the end of March 2021

Executive Staff

Don Duffy, District Director:

Joseph Righello, Environmental and Health Protection Administrator:

Currently Vacant, Public Health Services Administrator

Christine Crummer, Financial Officer:

Mashelle Kenney, Human Resources Specialist:

Public Health Program Managers & Coordinators

Cindi Richardson, Nurse Family Partnership & Parents as Teachers:

Daniel Perry, Senior Companions Program:

Erik Ketner, Environmental Health:

Kimberly Young, Nutritional Services, Women, Infants and Children (WIC), and Health Promotions:

Karen Yao, Epidemiology,

Kristina Meyer, Clinical Services:

Nick Mechikoff, Public Health Preparedness:

Mary Clarke, Home Health: