Board of Health

Serving Our Community

Panhandle Health District is locally controlled and governed by members of our community. Board of Health members are appointed by the county commissioners of the county which they reside. Once appointed, they are voted onto the board by a majority vote of the commissioners from all counties within our jurisdiction. The Board of Health governs the Health District’s policies based on the community’s unique needs.

Panhandle Health District supports its programs with funding from the state, counties it serves, fees, grants and contracts with federal and state agencies.

Next Meeting Agenda, Board Minutes, & Public Notes

Meeting agendas are posted prior to Board meetings. Meeting minutes are posted once they are approved by the Board.

2024 Board Meeting Calendar

Current Board Members

Current Board Members

Marlow Thompson

Chair, Benewah County

Glen Bailey

Bonner County

Thomas Fletcher

Bonner County

Jessica Jameson

Kootenai County

Duke Johnson

Kootenai County

Tracy Casady

Shoshone County

Tim Bertling

Boundary County