Coronavirus North Idaho

COVID-19 Data for North Idaho is updated biweekly.

Numbers updated 05/18/2023

Total Cases: 66,560

New Cases Processed in Last Two Weeks : 78

Approximate Back-logged Cases: 0

Deaths: 1,083

Currently Hospitalized: 9

Hospitalizations: 4,029*

Closed Cases: 66,512**

*North Idaho Hospitalized and Hospitalizations include residents of Health District 1 (Bonner, Boundary, Benewah, Kootenai, and Shoshone counties) that are hospitalized or have been hospitalized anywhere, including out of state. Hospitalizations is a tally of total hospitalizations of confirmed cases. This does not mean these patients are currently hospitalized, only that they were hospitalized for COVID-19 and are also confirmed positive with COVID-19.

**Closed cases include those who are No longer monitored, Refused Monitoring, Individuals who we were unable to reach, or are Deceased. Active cases are those who are actively being monitored by the health district in order to monitor their symptoms and advise when they should leave isolation and can be around others. A person is no longer considered an active case 5 days after their confirmed COVID test.

This page contains COVID-19 data for North Idaho

We provide data for the following locations under our jurisdiction:

Kootenai County, Idaho

Bonner County, Idaho

Shoshone County, Idaho

Benewah County, Idaho

Boundary County, Idaho