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We believe everyone should have equitable access to pregnancy prevention and family planning services. That’s why we offer these services at low or no cost to our community. The goal of our pregnancy prevention and family planning program is to ensure that every person in North Idaho has equitable access to informed reproductive health choices, quality clinical services, resources, referrals, and education.

Learn more about our family planning services and the care you will receive here:

Family Planning – Services

What Services are Considered Family Planning?

Types of Birth Control We Provide

What is Not Covered in a Family Planning Appointment 


All services at Panhandle Health District are 100% Confidential. You can request to have any mailings be sent to a different address than your home. If you (or your parents) have health insurance, but you choose not to use it due to confidentiality, your health insurance will not be contacted. To ensure equitable access to reproductive health services, we offer low or no cost, confidential services.