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Helping you quit for good.

With over 480,000 Americans dying every year from tobacco, including 1,800 Idahoans, Panhandle Health District is committed to helping our community quit nicotine addiction. We offer group classes for teens and a telephone consult/mail program for adults in the Northern Idaho area to help you quit smoking, vaping, or using dip.


Panhandle Health District offers group quit tobacco and e-cigarette classes designed to address the needs and lifestyles of middle and high school students. The INDEPTH curriculum is designed especially for teens. It not only focuses on quitting, but also on social skills, stress management, decision making, goal setting, nutrition and physical activity. Sign up for Teen Cessation Classes!


We offer an effective and successful 3-Call Program for adults. Clients are provided nicotine patches, gum or lozenges if they desire and a quit-kit. During the 3-call program, clients will discuss tips for dealing with cravings and withdrawal symptoms, stress management, and progress in quitting. Throughout the process, we mail items that are helpful for quitting tobacco and e-cigarettes.

We also provide adult tobacco cessation group classes upon request. We use the American Cancer Society Freshstart curriculum. Freshstart is designed to help smokers plan a successful quit attempt by providing essential information, skills for coping with cravings, and tools for quitting. The program will help you quickly quit tobacco as well as learn new techniques for ending your physical and psychological need to smoke, vape, or dip.

PAVe (Parents Against Vaping and E-Cigarettes) Recorded Webinar

Diaper Resource Program

If you are pregnant, post-partum, or live with someone who is pregnant or recently had a baby and want to quit tobacco, you may qualify for free diapers and wipes.

Program Requirements

Eligible participants will complete the 3-call program receiving support to quit tobacco and stay tobacco-free. Participants will be tested for nicotine. If a participant is nicotine-free, they will receive a FREE package of diapers and a packages of wipes each month for up to 12 months.

All cessation programs focus on:

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Funding for the Diaper Resource Program was made possible by 93.305 National State Based Tobacco Control Programs and 93.994 Maternal and Child Health Service Block Grant. The Diaper Resource Program is solely the responsibility of the Panhandle Health District and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National State Based Tobacco Control Programs and Maternal and Child Health Service.