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News and Health Alerts

Here you’ll find the latest news and health alerts from Panhandle Health District. We are committed to providing important health information in a timely, accurate, and helpful manner. For questions or media inquires, please contact the Public Information Officer:

Katherine HoyerPublic Information/Communication Manager
Phone: (208) 415-5108

2023 News Releases

01/25/2023: SPAN of North Idaho Provides Funds to Assist in Suicide Prevention Among Veterans

01/24/2023: Preventing Youth Vaping

01/20/2023: Opioid Settlement Funds Available for Community Partners

01/17/2023: Health District Invites Families to Come PLAY

2022 News Releases

12/15/2022: First Flu Deaths Reported

11/10/2022: Tips on Preventing RSV

10/06/2022: First Monkeypox Case Reported in Panhandle Health District

10/05/2022: Health Advisory Issued for Rose Lake

09/02/2022: Annual Suicide Prevention and Awareness Walk

08/31/2022: Health Advisories Issued for Spirit Lake and Lake Cocolalla

08/29/2022: Candlelight Vigil to Remember Those Lost to Overdose

08/25/2022: Health District Closes Home Health Program

08/19/2022: Health Advisories Issued for Avondale Lake and Morton Slough

08/11/2022: Health Advisory Issued for Fernan Lake

08/04/2022: Free Lead Screening Event

08/02/2022: PHD Hosting Events to Raise Awareness on Substance Use Disorder

07/21/2022: Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Backyard Poultry

06/24/2022: National HIV Testing Day

06/10/2022: Tis the Season for Ticks

06/07/2022: Health District and Idaho State Police Host Cookies with a Cop Event

05/02/2022: Health District Offers Youth Mental Health First Aid

04/25/2022: National Prescription Drug Take Back Day

03/29/2022: 7th Annual Bridging the Gap Dinner

03/24/2022: Health District Celebrates 50 Years of Service

03/22/2022: Preventing Lead Exposure

01/12/2022: PHD Reports Sharp Increase in COVID-19 Cases

2021 News Releases

12/6/2021: COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic in Wallace

11/8/2021: COVID Vaccine Appointments Available for 5-11 Age Group

11/2/2021: Health Advisories for HABs Lifted

10/28/2021: PHD Offering COVID-19 Boosters

10/21/2021: PHD Hosts National Prescription Drug Take Back Day Event

10/7/2021: Health Advisory Issued for Cave and Hauser Lakes

10/7/2021: Health Advisory Issued for Black Lake

10/1/2021: Flu Shots Available at PHD

09/24/2021: IDHW Supports Authorization of Booster doses of Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine now available for some people who have had Pfizer two-dose series

09/14/2021: Health Advisory Issued for Solomon Lake

09/10/2021: PHD Announces District Director

08/27/2021: Health Advisory Issued for Priest Lake OUTLET and Chuck Slough HEALTH ADVISORY LIFTED FOR Priest Lake OUTLET 9/10/2021

08/27/2021: PHD Experiencing Back-log of COVID-19 Cases

08/23/2021: FDA Announces Approval of First COVID-19 Vaccine

08/23/2021: Health Advisory Issued for Spirit Lake

08/19/2021: Health Advisory Issued for Boyer Slough

08/17/2021: PHD Supports Recommendation for Third Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine for those with Immunocompromised Conditions

08/09/2021: PHD Encourages Vaccination and Supports CDC Guidance Amid Increase in COVID-19 Delta Variant Cases

08/04/2021: Health Advisory Issued for Sagle Slough

07/28/2021: Health Advisory Issued for Fernan Lake

07/28/2021: PHD Staff Member Graduates from FEMA’s National Emergency Management Advanced Academy

07/27/2021: Health Advisory Issued for Hayden Lake

07/02/2021: Take Precautions when Enjoying Water Recreation

06/24/2021: PHD Expresses Gratitude and Farewell to National Guard

05/28/2021: Increase in Funds for Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Coming to Families Enrolled in WIC

04/28/2021: Mobile Vaccine Teams & Changes to Mass Vaccine Sites

04/13/2021: PHD Pausing Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics and Distribution

03/25/2021: First COVID-19 Variant Identified in Panhandle Health District

03/24/2021: Effective Immediately, Those 16 and Older are Eligible for COVID-19 Vaccine

03/15/2021: People 55 and older with qualifying medical condition eligible for COVID-19 vaccine on Monday, March 15

03/11/2021: PHD Welcomes New Nurse Practitioner to Medical Clinic

03/11/2021: All Five Counties Move to Yellow Risk Category

03/03/2021: COVID Vaccine 65+ and Phase 2.3

03/03/2021: State Further Clarifies Who is Eligible in Group 2

02/10/2021: Vaccine Administration Transparency Data

02/08/2021: PHD Offers COVID-19 Vaccination Scheduling Online

01/29/2021: North Idaho Moving Forward with Vaccine Phases

01/28/2021: PHD Board of Health Mask Mandate RESCINDED 3/25/2021

01/12/2021: When to Expect Your COVID-19 Vaccine

01/04/2021: PHD to Host Vaccine Clinic for Phase 1a

2020 News Releases

12/18/2020: COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

12/11/2020: COVID-19 Vaccine

12/8/2020: Revised Isolation Guidance Options

11/19/2020: RESCINDED 3/25/2021 PHD Board of Health Mask Order RESCINDED 3/25/2021

11/6/2020: Case Surges Overwhelm Public Health Efforts Across Idaho

11/4/2020: When to Start and End Isolation

10/29/2020: Kootenai, Boundary, and Shoshone Counties Move to Substantial (Red) Risk Category

10/28/2020: Protect Your Health This Flu Season

10/22/2020: Kootenai & Boundary Counties Move to Substantial (Red) Risk Category

10/21/2020: Differences Between Types of COVID-19 Tests

10/14/2020: PHD Confirms First COVID-19 Related Deaths in Bonner County

10/01/2020: Health Advisory Issued for Round Lake

09/25/2020: Flu Vaccine Available at all PHD Clinic Locations

09/15/2020: PHD Awarded $1,000,000 Grant to Help Combat Opioid Use Disorder

09/11/2020: PHD & DEQ Issue Wildfire Smoke Advisory for North Idaho

09/11/2020: PHD Accredited by ADCES to Provide Quality Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support

09/04/2020: Caution Advised on Lake Cocolalla due to Potential Harmful Algal Bloom

08/26/2020: PHD Confirms First COVID-19 Related Death in Boundary County

08/11/2020: PHD Confirms First COVID-19 Related Death in Benewah County

08/05/2020: PHD Provides Community Spread Categories for School Districts in Response to COVID-19

07/31/2020: Community Transmission Identified in Boundary & Shoshone Counties

07/30/2020: PHD Confirms First COVID-19 Related Death in Shoshone County

07/23/2020: Emergency Restriction Order: Face Coverings in Kootenai County

07/22/2020: Health Advisory Harmful Algal Bloom on Fernan Lake

07/21/2020: PHD Board of Health Meeting 7/23/2020

07/13/2020: COVID-19 Test Ordering Changes

07/08/2020: PHD Board of Health COVID-19 Position Statement

07/02/2020: First COVID-19 Case Confirmed in Shoshone County

06/29/2020: PHD Seeking Call Center Volunteers

06/29/2020: Local Health Leaders Provide COVID-19 Guidance

06/25/2020: Boundary County Confirms First Case of COVID-19

06/15/2020: PHD Confirms First COVID-19 Related Death in Area

06/11/2020: When in Doubt, Throw it Out! Canning Safety Tips

06/04/2020: Community Spread Identified in Benewah and Bonner Counties

05/27/2020: Panhandle Area COVID-19 Updates Change

05/23/2020: First COVID-19 Case Confirmed in Benewah County

05/17/2020: Eye of the COVID-19 Storm

05/13/2020: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

05/10/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Facing Risks

05/08/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Children and COVID-19

05/03/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Restaurant Reopening Plans

05/01/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Taking Care of those Pipes

04/29/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Properly Using Cleaning Products

04/27/2020: COVID-19 Case Count at 65 for the Panhandle

04/25/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Antibody Testing

04/24/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Opening North Idaho

04/23/2020: COVID-19 Case Count at 63 for Panhandle

04/22/2020: COVID-19 Case Count at 60 for Panhandle

04/22/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Stopping Stigma

04/21/2020: COVID-19 Case Count at 58 for Panhandle

04/20/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Maintaining Personal Health

04/20/2020: COVID-19 Case Count at 56 for Panhandle

04/18/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Stay Connected, Apart

04/17/2020: COVID-19 Case Count at 54 for Panhandle

04/16/2020: PHD COVID-19 Hotline Hours Changing

04/16/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Stay Home Order Extended

04/16/2020: COVID-19 Case Count at 53 for Panhandle

04/15/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – WIC is Here for You

04/15/2020: COVID-19 Case Count at 52 for Panhandle

04/14/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Planning and Preparation

04/13/2020: COVID-19 Case Count at 49 for Panhandle

04/10/2020: COVID-19 Case Count at 48 for Panhandle

04/08/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – How to Safely go to Medical Appointments

04/07/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Navigating Holidays

04/07/2020: COVID-19 Case Count at 45 for Panhandle

04/06/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – CDC Facemask Update

04/05/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Main Functions of PHD During Pandemic

04/05/2020: COVID-19 Case Count Update

04/04/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Vaping and Smoking Risks

04/03/2020: COVID-19 Case Count Update

04/02/2020: COVID-19 Case Count Update

04/02/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Caring for Someone at Home

04/01/2020: COVID-19 Case Count Update

04/01/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Contact Tracing II

03/31/2020: COVID-19 Case Count Update

03/30/2020: COVID-19 Case Count Update

03/30/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Community Transmission

03/29/2020: COVID-19 Case Count Update

03/27/2020: COVID-19 Case Count Update

03/26/2020: PHD Announces Tenth Case of COVID-19

03/26/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Defining Pandemic Words

03/25/2020: PHD Announces Ninth Case of COVID-19

03/24/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Guidance for our Community

03/24/2020: PHD Announces Two Additional Cases of COVID-19

03/22/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Flu vs. COVID-19

03/22/2020: PHD Announces Three Additional Cases of COVID-19

03/20/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Employers and Work Release

03/20/2020: PHD Announces Two Additional Cases of COVID-19

03/19/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Contact Tracing & Meet Our Epis

03/19/2020: PHD Confirms First Case of COVID-19 in Kootenai County

03/18/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Testing

03/16/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Community

03/16/2020: Updated Guidance on Mass Gatherings

03/14/2020: COVID-19 Bulletin – Protecting Yourself

03/12/2020: PHD & IDHW Announce Guidance for Mass Gatherings and Public Events

03/02/2020: PHD and Kootenai Health Provide Best Practices to Prevent Spread of COVID-19

01/8/2020: Panhandle Health District Invites You to Come PLAY

2015 News Releases

12/14/2015: PHD Reports First Flu-related Death of 2015-16 Flu Season
12/10/2015: Health Advisory Lifted for Fernan and Black Lakes
11/24/2015: Blood Lead Levels Continue to Decrease in the Silver Valley
11/20/2015: It’s Turkey Time: Thanksgiving Food Safety Tips
10/16/2015: Health Advisory Issued for Black Lake
10/7/2015: Blue-green Algae Advisory Lifted for Hayden and Avondale Lakes
9/18/2015: SepticSmart Week Stresses Importance of Septic System Maintenance
9/3/2015: Aqua Park and St. Joe River Reopened to Boat Traffic
9/1/2015: Oil Sheen on St. Joe River Prompts Closure of Aqua Park
7/10/2015: Bat Tests Positive for Rabies at Priest Lake
7/9/2015: Health Advisory Issued for Hayden Lake
7/7/2015: Wildfire Smoke Advisory Issued in North Idaho
6/30/2015: Health Advisory Issued for Avondale Lake
6/26/2015: Health Advisory Issued for Fernan Lake
6/25/2015: Community Health Leaders Collaborate to Enhance Region’s Health Care
6/23/2015: Health Experts Offer Tips for Beating the Heat in Advance of Hoopfest, Ironman Coeur d’Alene
6/22/2015: Gonorrhea Cases at All-Time High in North Idaho
6/3/2015: 5 Ways to Avoid Lead Exposure in the Silver Valley
5/18/2015: Boomers Helping Boomers: Senior Companion Program offers unique support
3/31/2015: National Public Health Week Addresses Idaho’s Health Concerns
3/24/2015: Nurse-Family Partnership Expanding to Help More First-time Mothers
3/6/2015: 3 Steps to Cleaner Water
2/23/2015: Keep Your Family Healthy During Spring Break
2/13/2015: Nurse-Family Partnership Program Celebrates Idaho’s First Graduate
2/4/2015: Protect Yourself Against the Measles
1/15/2015: Survey Says… Obesity and Mental Health Top Health Problems for North Idaho