Active Youth

The PLAY Program empowers parents and youth to create and lead healthier lifestyles. The classes are excellent opportunities for you and your child(ren) to spend time together and learn new skills.

Building a healthy lifestyle can be challenging, but with PLAY you will work with professionals that will make the process fun!

Register by scanning the QR Code below or CLICK HERE TO REGISTER. Please sign up for classes at least 48 hours in advance


    • Sign up for all 10 classes or pick and choose what works best for you! Please sign up for classes at least 48 hours in advance
    • Classes are offered once per week and last approximately 90 minutes.
    • At least 1 guardian must be present if child is under 14 years old. We encourage the entire family to attend together.
    • For children ages 7-17
    • Willing to have fun & PLAY!
    • Cost: $15-$50 depending on class choice(s)

Program Dates

Fall Schedule: please sign up for classes at least 48 hours in advance

October 4th – December 13

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PLAY - Parents Leading Active Youth


Tonya Miller, MPH, MCHC
Phone: 208-415-5231

Our weekly classes work on making healthy fun so it doesn’t feel like work! PLAY will allow you to challenge yourself and your kid(s) with weekly goals and earning rewards every time you achieve them. You will learn how to easily incorporate movement, fruits and vegetables, and decrease screen time and sweet drinks. All while learning new skills and trying new activities!

Physical Activities May Include:







Active Games

Nutrition Education Activities May Include:

Garden Activities

Creating a Balanced Meal

Hands on Cooking Class

Creative Snacks

Recipes for the Busy Family

Learn Food Facts