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Public Pools

Keeping our pool water clean.

Public swimming pools must be licensed and inspected, as well as have the water tested to ensure they are properly operated, maintained, and safe and healthy for all swimmers. Improperly operated pools can transmit certain illnesses through contact and ingestion of polluted water. Panhandle Health District provides the following services:

  • Annually permit and conduct routine inspections
  • Provide information and training to owners and operators as needed
  • Investigate complaints
  • Conduct plan reviews for new swimming pools

Types of pools that are not inspected by the health districts include hotels, motels, campgrounds, RV parks and others that are specifically for use by their guests. The public pool inspection covers sanitation, lifeguard equipment, water quality and chemical disinfectant, and general safety.

Pool Operator Training

The Pool Operator Course for Panhandle Health District is offered online. Certified Pool Operators classes and general pool safety and operation information can be accessed through the National Swimming Pool Foundation.

Kids swimming underwater